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Birders visiting the Coastal Bend are not alone. There are a number of organizations and individuals waiting to help make your visit successful. Please give us a call and let us lend a hand!


When birds pass through the range of a Doppler radar, they are detected, in effect, as large drops of water. Doppler now allows us to “see” birds as they migrate through the skies during their nocturnal migrations.

During migration we will post images of neotropical migrants as they pass over the Bend at night. For more information about Doppler monitoring of migration, the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory has published a fascinating article about this cutting-edge technology.

This amazing Doppler image has been provided by John Arvin of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory. This Doppler image shows a line of storms in the Coastal Bend region, with the tail end of the storms at Corpus Christi. Birds can be clearly seen out front of the storms, with others veering around the left end of the squall line.

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