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Video Contest 2013

 Dates: March 7- April 4, 2013

Deadline: April 4th
--  Turn in at House of Rock 5-7pm
--  Online Drop Box(send drop box link to
     For Drop Box submissions please save file as:
--  Mail In (postmarked on or before 4/4/13)
     ATTN: CCIM 2013
     101 N. Shoreline, Suite 430
     Corpus Christi, TX 78401

May 8th - Winning Videos Screened at Tourism Luncheon
May 23rd- Screening of Selected Films- TBD

What we NEED:

Preferred Video Format- .MOV 1080 p- High Definition
Other acceptable formats- .mp4 .wmv .mpeg .avi

1 minute or LESS!! Videos over :60 will be disqualified.

Videos must represent one of the themes listed below:

  • Beach
  • Attractions
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Nature

Here are the RULES:

  • It must not look or behave like a commercial.
  • Go for a “home-style” video—produced for an online audience.
  • Dialogue, story, music are allowed; however all copyright and trademark rules must be followed.
  • Music must be original or within copyright regulations.
  • Actors must have a signed photo release.

Submitted work cannot infringe on a third-party, this includes copyrighted and trademarked material.


First: $750
Second: $500
Third: $250

Overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be awarded to the top 3 videos submitted.


Entry Form
Participant Agreement CCIM
Music Release Form
Talent Release Form


  1. Do I have to live in the Coastal Bend in order to participate?
  2. Can I use footage shots before contest dates?
    Yes, but please make sure it’s reflective of how Corpus Christi looks and feels presently.
  3. How do I turn in my completed films?
    -- Turn in at House of Rock 5-7pm
    -- Online Drop Box(send drop box link to
    -- Mail In (postmarked on or before 4/4/13)
        ATTN: CCIM 2013
        101 N. Shoreline, Suite 430, Corpus Christi, TX 78401
  4. Can I use copyrighted or trademarked material?
    Your work cannot infringe on a third-party. You must be able to show proof you have talent releases, location releases, rights to film in CC and TM material when asked. Location, talent and music releases are available for download.
  5. What equipment can I use?
    Anything, as long as you can turn in your film as a Hi-Def 1080p .mov. Preferred Video Format- .MOV 1080 p- High Definition.  Other acceptable formats- .mp4 .wmv .mpeg .avi
  6. What if my film is over 1 minute?
    We cannot accept submissions that are over 1 minute.
  7. Should my film include dialogue, does it have to have a storyline?
    We are counting on your creativity. Please feel free to tell the story of Corpus Christi in whatever manner you see best, but keep in mind, the videos are intended to encourage visitors to vacation in Corpus Christi.
  8. Can I compete in more than one category?
    You are free to submit as many films in as many categories as you want. There is not an entry fee to participate in CCIM 2013.
  9. When will we be informed of the winners?
    May 8th at the CVB Tourism Luncheon. Winners will be posted following May 8, 2013
  10. Will there be a screening of the entries?
    There will be a screening on May 23rd.
  11. Are there any restrictions based on content?
    Please keep all content family-friendly. The CVB reserves the sole right to determine what content is appropriate.


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