Festivals and Film

Whether it’s on the big screen, or under a big tent, Corpus Christi delivers drama through interpretation and interaction. The film industry reels year round, as does the fun of festival. These two blockbuster forms of art are always a big hit for locals and visitors alike; not to mention just the ticket to enjoying all Corpus Christi has to offer.

The tradition of merriment and festivity is a part of Corpus Christi’s history dating back over 70 years to the beginning of the Buc Day’s festival. What began as a three day celebration has grown into a two week fiesta celebrating the heritage of Corpus Christi founders including an illuminated night parade, coronation, fireworks and pro rodeo. Local festivals have grown to include a tribute to the arts with the "Festival of the Arts," accolades to the jive of jazz with the "Texas Jazz Festival," and the newest addition to festivity, "Corpus Christi First," celebrating the first weekend of every month with art walk, marina market days, and a bridge walk. In Corpus Christi the fiesta never stops!

Lights, Camera, Action! The filmmaking industry of Corpus Christi has made reel strides to engage the local community and bring to light the art of independent film. The plot for top production thickens each year during the "Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Project." With open entry, this contest rolls out the red carpet to all for the creation of a 4-8 minute short film. Don’t let the curtain go down before you experience this cinematic scene.

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