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Heritage and History

The expansive history of the area cultivated a rich heritage that reflects the many faces of Corpus Christi’s ancestors. Historic preservation can be seen throughout the city in the forms of historic homes, monuments, museums and collections, as well as the numerous festivals that pay tribute and serve as a learning tool for future generations. In Corpus Christi, the past and the present are ever united through our people.
Our History and Heritage defines the culture of Corpus Christi serving as the foundation on which beliefs and traditions are built. Corpus Christi has transformed from a quiet trading post to a booming trade center for cattle, cotton and oil to a deep-water port to the largest coastal city in Texas and the vibrant community enjoyed today.

Corpus Christi’s roots date back to the early 1500’s when the bay was discovered by Spanish explorers. Shipwrecks, as well as Indian and pirate attacks kept the area from being permanently settled until the arrival of Henry L. Kinney during the Civil War. Kinney established a trading post that attracted permanent settlers to set down roots and begin ranching the area. The 1900’s were shaped by the arrival of the railroad, shipping, deep-water Port of Corpus Christi, military aviation, and the petroleum industry. Today, Corpus Christi is home to nearly 300,000 and hosts over six million visitors each year.

Come meet us and become a part of our History and Heritage!

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